Welcome to C-STATE Polska!

C-STATE Polska is a leading vendor of client specific software. Many of our projects are complex computer systems for the healthcare industry so we have developed internal standards to ensure quality control and customer satisfaction.

Our knowledgeable staff have extensive academic and business related experience to help guarantee customers’ needs are met and or exceeded. C-STATE Polska believes that significant value in business can be obtained from the academic world so we maintain a strong relationship several academic institutions. Additionally, all C-STATE staff are expected to pursue advanced degrees in their area of interest.

As a leading edge provider of complex systems, C-STATE Polska has experience with, and takes advantage of, the latest technologies available. As a Microsoft partner, we have become specialized in .NET, WPF, and Silverlight technologies. However we also have experts in Java EE technologies and the PHP / Perl / Ruby scripting languages.

We look forward to working with you.
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